Formative offers a wide range of premium features to help enhance your experience with Formative. Here are some of the features we currently offer to Premium users. Feel free to click on any of the links to go to relevant help articles for that feature.

Premium Question Types:

Here are some of the premium content and question types with offer with Formative:

Audio Content

Audio Response Question

Categorize Question

File response Question

Fill in the Blank Question

Graphing Question

Hot Text Question

Inline Choice Question

Match Table Grid Question

Matching Question

Numeric Question

Resequence Question

Video Response Question

Other Premium Features

Student Growth Tracker:

See student growth over time; also see student growth tied to standards.

Unlimited PDF/DOC/Google Doc Uploads:

With a Premium license you have access to unlimited PDF/Doc/Google Doc uploads with our upload and transform feature. Normally this is limited to 20 pages per month on a free license.

Time Limit:

Set a limit on the time students have to answer questions.

Schedule Open/Closed Times for Your Formative:

Schedule open/closed times when assigning your formative.

Batch Scoring & Feedback:

Score and give feedback to multiple student answers at the same time.

Assign Formatives to Individual Students:

Assign to any subset of students in a class. Pick the students you want to assign Formatives to if they need extended time or other specific assignment needs.

Auto-grade Partial Credit:

Certain questions can be auto-graded in a way that partial credit is automatically given to the student.

Partial Match:

If you type keywords into your answer key, student responses that include those keywords will be graded as correct. Short Answer, Free Response, and Numeric questions allow you to select Partial Match.

Print formatives with or without student responses.

Unlimited Exports:

Export as much formative data as your heart desires.

Google Classroom Grade Passback:

Pass scores from formatives back to Google Classroom.

Add Show Your Work to Any Question:

You can add a Show Your Work canvas to any question type! This allows you to see your students' process, while keeping the benefit of having Formative auto-grade responses.

Video Timestamps

Attach questions to specific times in your videos!

Draw feedback on Show Your Work Responses:

Teachers can draw feedback on show your work responses.

Add to Answer Key While Grading:

Add correct answers to an answer key while grading.

Images in Answer Choices:

Place images in answer choices for visual questions.

Randomize Question Order:

Randomize the order of student questions in assignments.

Randomize Results:

Randomize the order of student responses in your live results feed

Lock Classes:

Lock your classes at any time to disable the join code and prevent unwanted new class members.

Student to Teacher Feedback:

Students can send feedback to teachers, and respond to teacher feedback messages.

Emojis in Student Feedback:

Have a little more fun with student feedback.

Customize Assign Options, Set Default Point Value, and Custom Score Thresholds:

Remember "Default Assign Options" to save time. Also set default point values for your questions for faster building. Or customize your score ranges and use color coding.

You can change these settings in your account settings.

Anti-cheating Tools:

Detect copied answers to deter cheating and get notified if students change their answer after grading.

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