From the "Team Tracker" tab in your Admin tab, you can view all of your teachers' data in one place. This Team Tracker allows you to see and compare progress - by teacher, class, and individual students - on formatives and against standards.

To view the Team Tracker

  1. Click on the "Team Tracker" tab within your Admin tab

  2. Filter by school or grade level, if necessary

  3. Click on a teacher's name to bring up all of their recent formatives:

Note: You have the option to hide teachers and students names from this view by toggling on "hide names"

Troubleshooting: I can't see anything in / classes are missing from my Team Tracker!

First, use the Team Management section to confirm that all teachers are showing correctly in your organization. Any teachers who are "invited" instead of "verified" will need to accept their invitation to the Gold organization in order to use all the features!

If all teachers are correctly associated with your org, verify that their classes are also correctly associated:

Teachers are prompted to select the grade, subject, and org when creating a class in Formative. If they did not add an org, or added the wrong one, they can fix this on the "Classes" tab by selecting a class, clicking "Edit", and choosing the correct team under "Org".

My teachers have added their org but I still can't see anything in my Team Tracker. What am I missing?

Make sure that you have adjusted the Date Range filter to the date range containing the formatives you want to track. The tracker filters by most recent submission and defaults to the last 14 days.

Co-teachers will not appear in the tracker, even if they have created and/or assigned formatives. Anything assigned by co-teachers will show under the primary teacher for the class in your tracker. This helps prevent duplication of class data when viewing the tracker.

If a teacher has created or assigned formatives, but they have not yet been submitted and graded, the teacher's name will not show up in the tracker. Once the assignments have been submitted (or force submitted) and graded, the teacher's name will appear with the scores.

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