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For teachers to see their students' progress on assignments
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Note: There is a different tracker for Gold school administrators to view progress for every teacher and class. For that article, click here.

To access the student growth tracker, click "Reports" on the left side menu, and then choose the Tracker tab at the top of the screen.

Tracker Functions

The list below corresponds with the bubble numbers in the image above:

  1. Switch between viewing scores by Formatives or by tagged Standards.

  2. This area will display any filters currently defined. You can click the pencil icon next to each of these to adjust your filter's range, or you can remove them.

  3. Here you will find the display area for class scores.

  4. Toggle this button to hide student names.

  5. Click the "Filter" button to define your view range by adjusting the date last answered, classes, grade levels, subjects, and Formative types (each of the filters chosen will then appear in the area marked 2). Please note: Bronze and Silver subscribers can only view results from the last 14 days.

  6. Click the "Sort by" button to sort the order students will appear by their names or scores, as well as to sort your formatives by their title or date answered.

  7. Click the "Export" button to export the data presented as a CSV/Spreadsheet or a Google Sheet (see below for more details)

More ways to view the tracker:

When showing Formatives (top left), click on individual student names to view their overall score for each assignment:

Note: Students who have not taken a formative yet will have a blank score in the Tracker.

You can select "Standards" to see how students performed against the standards tagged in the assignments. To do so, click on "Standards," expand the standards to see them in detail if you want, and click the student's name:

The Student Growth Tracker is a great tool to measure student progress over time so it is helpful to understand how the scores are calculated.

To calculate the scores, we sum up all the points that were awarded to the answers (=points earned), and we sum up all the points available for those answers (the point value on the questions = points possible) and divide the former by the latter.

For example, let's say a student completes just one formative with two questions. Question one is worth five points. Question two is worth ten points. The student get two points on the first question and six points on the second. Their score for that formative is as follows: (2 + 6)/(5 + 10) = 8/15 = 53%.

When multiple formatives are being calculated, all questions are considered and basically treated as if they were one big formative. For example, let's add a formative to our previous example. This formative has one question worth five points and the student earned four points. This student's overall grade is now as follows: (2 + 6 + 4)/(5 + 10 + 5) = 12/20 = 60%

This means that a formative or question with more available points will be weighted more heavily in the overall score.

NOTE: If a student did not submit the assignment, unanswered questions are not counted toward possible points. When the assignment is submitted with an unanswered question, it will then be counted towards the total possible points, reducing their score. Read about how to force submit a formative here.

If a teacher adds a new question at a later time that students did not answer, the tracker will not count the points for that question in their score.

Export data from the Tracker

From the Tracker page, you can select the Export button located in the top right corner:

Once you select the button, a pop-up screen will appear for you to choose the content you would like to export. This can be done as a CSV/spreadsheet or a Google Sheet. You can choose to export all rows or only the rows you have expanded, and choose the layout of the export (Score Grid or Table).

When selecting Download as CSV/Spreadsheet, it will download directly to your computer.

If you select Google Sheets, you will be directed to choose the email associated with your account and then you will be prompted to your Google Sheets page.


When you export your formative results you'll be able to see the standards you've tagged to your questions! Read more about adding standards and tagging them in this help article.

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