Rubrics are a set of scoring guidelines that evaluate students’ work and provide clear teaching directives and criteria for students to follow. Rubrics are powerful tools to assess your students’ work, and you can finally customize them in your formatives! You can add a rubric to any open-ended question type: Show Your Work, Video Response, Audio Response, Free Response.

To add a Rubric to a question:

  1. Create a free response question and add your prompt or directions

  2. Toggle on “Use Rubric”, right below the question and click “Add Rubric”

Edit your Rubric:

  1. You can easily add Rubric criteria areas in the blue cards (at the beginning of each row)

  2. From there, you can easily click the blue + button below the blue card to continue adding more criteria areas

  3. If you click on the blue button to the right of each blue box, you can add a new level for each criterion

  4. When you are done you can click the blue checkmark on the upper right-hand side of your page to go back to your formative

Tip: The levels in each criterion will automatically ascend in point value, starting from one point. You can always go in and change these values.


  1. Once you have assigned your formative to your class, you can grade your students’ work by clicking the View Responses tab at the top

  2. You can grade each student’s paper according to the rubric you create. Simply click on the appropriate level for each criterion

  3. As always, you can add instant or delayed feedback to your students by scrolling to the bottom of the grading screen and click on the send message “now” or “when I close this assignment” buttons

If you would like to know more about passing grades back via Google Classroom, check out our help article!

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