One of our features to help ensure secure assessment is the Copy / Paste Alert. This alert is designed to show whenever a student uses any copy and paste function -- this could include CTRL C/V keyboard short-cuts, right-clicking the mouse to select copy/paste, etc..

If a student has used these functions, you will see an exclamation mark alert that reads, "This response includes copy & pasted parts."

At this time, Formative shows this alert as a way to make you aware that students used this function. The only question type that will actually show you what was copied and pasted is Short Answer. You can click on the small i icon in the alert to view what was copied and pasted into the student response. The alert will not appear if a student copies and pastes a part of their own response. Only outside items.

Teacher discretion is required for this alert, so we never auto-grade these responses as incorrect.

Some common reasons this alert will show that are not cheating might include:

  • World Languages classes: copying words with special characters

  • All content areas: copying parts of a question to use as a sentence starter

  • Copying words that are difficult to spell from the question or another source

  • Using some Chrome extensions, such as "Grammarly" to accept suggestions for their writing

It could be helpful to let your students know that you are aware when they use any copy/paste function, but that this does not always indicate cheating.

For tips on how students in World Languages classes can add accent marks and other special characters, check out our Tips for World Languages Teachers article.

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