With Hot Text questions, students can demonstrate understanding by citing evidence by clicking highlighted text in a sentence, paragraph, or extended reading. Teachers can define questions to allow a single choice or multiple choices.

To create a Hot Text question:

  1. Click on the "+" icon

  2. Choose "Hot Text" from the blue icons

  3. Enter your question along with any prompts or directions to the top text box

  4. Enter the text to the second text box

  5. To turn parts of the text to Hot Text items select (highlight) them and checkmark the box next to the "Hot Text" pop up that appears upon each of your selections

  6. Hot Text items will remain highlighted and appear in a list below the text

  7. To remove a Hot Text item - click the X symbol next to it on the list

  8. Set up your auto-grading by checking the correct answer(s)

  9. To allow multiple selections toggle "Multi-select" on the right side of your screen

  10. Switch on "Allow Partial Credit" to take auto-grading up a notch by allowing your students to get credit for answering part of the question correct.

Did you know?

Hot Text questions are a standard STAAR question type used by the state of Texas.

What next?

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