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Partial Match and Partial Credit (Silver/Gold Feature)
Partial Match and Partial Credit (Silver/Gold Feature)

As a Silver/Gold plan member, you can enable auto-grading by partial match or partial credit.

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Partial Match

Short Answer, Free Response, and Fill In The Blank questions allow you to select Partial Match. If you type key words into your answer key, student responses that include those key words will be graded as correct.

  1. Open a desired formative and add a one of the question types above

  2. Enter the keyword(s) you want your students to use as answer keys

  3. Select "Allow partial match":

Note that student responses need to include the key word(s) in one answer key field exactly (the same word order, spelling, spacing, and punctuation) in order to be graded as correct. For example, for the question above:

  • A student who writes "The great barrier reef" will be graded as correct (words added before / after the answer key phrase do not count).

  • A student who writes "Great Barrier Reef" will be graded as correct (capitalization does not count unless the "Case sensitive" toggle is enabled).

  • A student who writes "barrier reef" will be graded as incorrect because they did not include the word "great."

If your question requires a complex response, then adding responses to the answer key as you grade or batch grading may be a better grading solution.

Partial Credit

The listed below questions allow you to select Partial Credit. This will automatically give your students partial credit if they get some of the answers right.

When selecting Partial Credit, you also have the option to choose if you'd like to subtract points for incorrect answers, or not.

Click each question type below to find out how we grade** Partial Credit for each of them:

Tip: Use the Preview function to view and interact with your formatives from a student perspective! This is very helpful to test things out and get a feel for features before assigning to your students. The Preview button (eye icon) can be found in the upper right corner of the page.


Based on consistent feedback from teachers and students, on June 16, 2023 we have updated how partial scoring calculates the following question types:

  • Multiple Selection

  • Categorize

  • Hot Spot

  • Hot Text

Previously, the point value of these questions was distributed across all answer choices (correct or incorrect). After the update, the point value is distributed across the correct answers only. This update brings these question types' Partial Credit formula in alignment with the way Partial Credit is calculated for all other question types on the Formative platform.

🙋🏽‍♀️ What to expect now that the new formula is in effect?

The new partial credit formula is the default for any new formatives created, as well as any existing formatives when assigned to new students/classes.

🙋🏻 What will happen to my previously graded formatives?

As long as no new activity is registered for a previously graded question, the scores granted in the past will not change. However, if a new activity is registered on a specific question (i.e. a new response by a student, an edit of a previously entered response, assigning the same formative to additional students, etc.) the scores previously granted will adjust to reflect the new formula.

If you want your old scores to be saved unchanged yet assign the same formative to new students/classes we recommend duplicating the formative and assigning the new clone to new students/classes instead.

🙋🏿‍♂️ My students' scores on a formative changed, why?

If a new activity is registered to an already graded Multiple Selection, Categorize, Hot Text or Hot Spot question that had "Partial Credit" toggled on, the Partial Credit algorithm will default to the new formula. Your students' scores on these questions changed because a new activity was registered - either one of the students provided a new response, edited an existing response, or the formative was assigned to new students.

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