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Formative Updates June 2023
Formative Updates June 2023

June Enhancements, Beta Features and Fixes!

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🆕 Enhancement releases

Here are all the enhancements from June 2023:

Word Count on Free Response

We have enabled Word Count for Free Response questions! Teachers can toggle the option "Display Word Count" and will see the count in View Responses. Students will also see the count as they complete the question.

Quick Math Button

Teachers can now choose to surface the math keyboard for answer input on Multiple Choice, Multiple Selection, Matching, Resequence, Inline Choice, and text Drag and Drop question types. Teachers will no longer have to go into the rich text editor menu . The toggle for "Show math keyboard" is located in setting under Formative Editor Options.

New Class Management Pages

We upgraded the look and functionality of the Class Management pages. Now, the main Classes page will display all classes in the form of tiles along with some quick action buttons and a top-level view of most recent formatives and class data.

Clicking into any of your classes will lead you to a brand new Student Management page, where all actions of adding and managing rosters will be handled. An exiciting new capability offered on this page is the ability to view formatives by class!

New Student Profile Page

Further enhancing teachers' ability to draw meaningful data, an individual Student Profile page has been added as well. This page will present data specific to a student within a specific class.

Score Threshold Labeling

Teachers can now add labels to their Score Threshold categories

New Response Notifications

We have added a Student Submissions toggle to allow teachers to choose to receive notifications as students submit assignments. Teachers can also choose to narrow down their notifications to only late submissions. Enabling or disabling these notifications can be performed on the teacher's account settings page.

Hint Used Notifications

Similarly, we added an option for teachers to enable receiving notifications when students request to view a hint they've added to questions.

Most Recent Feedback

Feedback fields will now show teachers their most recent feedback sent as a way to re-use it quickly.

Resize Protractor

We improved Show Your Work by making the protractor tool resizable. This gives more flexibility as students take measurements on screen

Multi-Select in Match-Table-Grid

Teachers can now opt to accept multiple selections in Match-Table-Grid questions!

Bulk Open/Close Formatives

Teachers can now open and close formatives they own in bulk from their Formatives page. Not only can teachers select multiple formatives to open or close at once, the same formative(s) can be closed for several classes at once too! Check out the help article for more details.

Answer Choice Explanations

Teachers can now add explanations to answer choices within Multiple Choice, Multiple Selection, and True/False questions. These explanations, once entered, will pop up as immediate feedback when students receive their scores. Check out the help article for more details.

🤖 Beta Features Updates

The below features have been added to our list of future features teachers can opt-in to test with us:

Student Practice Sets

Teachers can opt in to this Beta feature to allow their students to create practice sets of flashcards. Teachers can also create practice sets using a preview environment that mimics the student experience. Teachers will be able to generate practice sets both with and without usage of Ai.

Ai - Language Specific Hints

Ai Hint generation will now acknowledge a user's preferred language to determine the language of the hint.

Ai - Generated Formative updates

We modified the Ai Generated Formative modal- renaming 'trivia' to 'quiz' , changing the dropdown to radio buttons and defaulting the type to 'Quiz'.

Ai - Generated Answer Choice Explanations

Not only have we added the option to enter answer choice explanations, we added this capability to our Ai generator as well! Teachers can use Ai to generate explanations for single answer choices or for all answer choices at once. Read more about this new feature here.

🛠️ Fixes

Every techonological tool runs into hiccups here and there. If you run into any technical issues please submit a report to our team so we could go ahead and fix it!

Short Answer Rubrics

Previously, enabling a Rubric on Short Answer questions required toggling on Show Your Work as well. We have removed this dependency and now rubrics can be toggled on without Show Your Work being added too.

Add question button

A long time ago teachers were able to add questions directly to the top of a formative. At some point in time this capability disappeared. We have now brought it back! There is no longer a need to add questions to the bottom of a formative only to move them up to the top. .

New Partial Credit Algorithm

Categorize, Multiple Selection, Hot Text and Hot Spot question types had a cumbersome and complicated Partial Credit grading logic that didn't align with the rest of the question types in our platform. We released an updated Partial Credit grading logic to align across the site.

"Closed" Assignments Categorization

We have moved all closed assignments to the "Submitted" tab on the student homepage. Previously, we ignored the open/closed status when deciding which tab to put an assignment in, so closed assignments could end up in either tab. After these changes, all closed assignments will now live in the “Submitted” tab.

🐞 Bugs

  • Students have no use for Hint fields if they're empty. The show hint button is now enabled only where a hint was actually added

  • Hints can now be opened within the Show Your Work space

  • Disappearing, lagging or overly sticky text in formative instruction fields/titles should no longer be an issue

  • Drawn content will no longer need to be clicked on to be viewed when using lockdown browser

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