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Notification Types

Teachers can opt in our out of certain types of notifications. Read below to learn more about the types of notifications Formative offers.

New Response Notification

Teachers have the option to get notified when new responses comes in. There are three types of new responses notifications:

  1. Response Edited After Graded
    You will get notified when a student edits a response they previously provided after the work has already been graded (manual grading only!).

  2. Student Submission (all)
    You will get notified when students submit a formative

  3. Only Late Submissions
    You will get notified when student submit a formative ONLY if the submission is after the due date

Response Edited After Graded

Notifications will be sent out only for answers that were edited by the student after they were manually graded by the teacher, and they exist to indicate to the teacher that he/she may need to go back and change that grade based on the newly edited response.
When questions are auto-graded there will be no notifications since the grades will automatically update whenever students edit their responses, thus removing the need for a notification to the teacher (the teacher doesn't need to re-check the test, the system does it automatically).

Student Submission

Notifications will be sent out when a student clicks on the "Submit" button. This notificfation is very handy if you have students submitting work at different times and you'd like to be made aware when a new submission has been entered so you could review it.

Only Late Submissions

Notifictions will be sent out when a student clicks the "Submit" button after the due date of the fromative has passed. This notification is handy if you have set a due date on the formative and want to be made aware when a late submission is entered.
Note: this setting is a sub-setting of "Student Submission". To enable it, you will first need to toggle on Student Submission and only then you will be able to restrict the Student Submission notifications to Late Submissions only.

Other Notifications

Student Request A Hint

Notification will be sent out whenever a student requests to view a hint you've added to a question.

Enable/Disable Notifications

If you're interested in receiving notifications, go to your account settings by clicking "My Account" and choosing "settings", then proceed to toggle one or both notification options, to your preference.

If you change your mind, and want to opt out of getting notifications again, go back to your account settings and toggle the option off.

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