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Formative Updates August 2023
Formative Updates August 2023

August Enhancements, Beta Features and Fixes!

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🆕 Enhancement releases

We've been busy! Here's a sneak peek at our August 2023 new features and improvements:

Teachers can now upload .wav and .mp3 audio files directly into formatives! This enhancement will support, among others, language teachers who prefer files rather than directly recording! Teachers will also see a progress bar as the file uploads! We will support more fie types soon!

Item Type Performance

Student performance data on specific ITEM TYPES is now a available in a widget on the Summary page!

Top 3 underperforming questions

"Top 3 Underperforming Questions" is now available in the formative Summary tab. An easier way for teachers to hone in on remediation.

SSO email account links

Teachers can now link to an SSO account from the profile page's 'Login Methods' section. They will receive an email to confirm once the link is established.

🤖 Beta and Early Access Features Updates

The below features have been added to our list of future features teachers can opt-in to test with us:

Teachers who opted into our Beta/Early Access features can now parse PDFs! With the Ai parsing button, teachers can upload a pdf and have questions automatically generated! Learn more here

Ai generated feedback for additional question types

We have updated Drag and Drop, Inline Choice, Categorize questions to also support Ai feedback.

We have opened Early Access to Assignment Pinning. Teachers can now pin assignments to the top of their students' homepages! Learn more here

Edit student practice sets details

We have given teachers and students the ability to edit Student Practice details such as the set title, grade and subject!

Gamify student practice sets

Students will see a "Streak" message when they get 3 in a row correct on Practice Sets!

🛠️ Fixes

Every techonological tool runs into hiccups here and there. If you run into any technical issues please submit a report to our team so we could go ahead and fix it!

Moving forward the Responses tab will save and default to the sorting order preference teachers chose the last time they used the tab, so it will display in the same order the next time they navigate to the tab. The sort order will remain until the teacher changes it again.

Multi-select formatives for copy

When multiple formatives are selected to Copy, teachers will see a confirmation modal to verify the desired action.

Rich Text modal accessibility

For accessibility, tooltips will now display for item in the rich text modal. The active editing button will also show in blue.

Match Table Grid answer choices color-coding

We have updated the Match Table UI for returning answers. The multi-select grid will show green and red indications to explain answer choices and correct answers.

Randomize Inline Choice options

We now allow Inline Choice answer options to be randomized using the Question settings toggle.

Full Screen video display

We have enhanced student's video experience by allowing full screen displays. Students can enlarge the video, which will return to standard size at each marked question.

Disable strikethrough after returning scores/answers

When scores/answers are returned, we will disable strikethrough even if assignment is editable after submission.

Show Your Work accessibility

Show Your Work will use "Done" text instead of icons for closing the SYW modal. Additionally, we have added a Tooltip and hotkeys to the Drawing panel.

To Do count accessibility

For accessibility, students will see a description of the To Do Count that appears in the bottom right of each class card.

Admin Tracker - show archived sections

We have updated the Admin tracker to include a toggle for Archived Sections.

🐞 Bugs

The below bugs were resolved throught the month

  • Classes>Formatives Sort duplicate

  • Plan Executor Error on export of Admin Formative Results

  • Placeholder Text Not Appearing in French Language on Login Page

  • Teacher Notes: Fixed toolbar wrap

  • Fix Check Answer Result Not Clearing Immediately after Changing Selection

  • Render correctness for Match Table Grid answers

  • Fix section paced rendering

  • Fix "Replace Audio" button

  • Fix pasting of single column data in practice item import modal

  • Fix new users logging in

  • Fix issue with password reset for different account than who is logged in

  • Fix MP3 Upload: Unable to upload audio with correct file criteria

  • Teacher unable to initiate feedback

  • Fix RichText advanced menu button alignment for Match Table Grid

  • Fix: Users (teachers/students) logging in via Microsoft SSO getting error and unable to login

  • Fix: Inaccurate Correctness Indication on Categorize with No Answer Key Defined

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