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Formative Updates September-October 2023
Formative Updates September-October 2023

September and October Enhancements, Beta Features and Fixes!

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🆕 Enhancement releases

We've been busy! Here's a sneak peek at our August 2023 new features and improvements:

Newsela & Formative Integration is Here!

Users with accounts both in Newsela and in Formative will be able to use this new integration. Find out more here!

Drawing Panel tooltips

We have added a Tooltip and hotkeys to the Drawing panel on the Drawing question type and Show Your Work boxes

New Login Method - Email Link

We will now allow users to log in with only their email address, no password required. Users can choose the email icon, receive a link to their email and will be logged in once the link is clicked.

Link/Unlink SSO Email or Password in Account Settings

We added the ability to link user's SSO email accounts in profile page. We now also give users the option to unlink an account or to disable a password in their account settings.

Re-Use Answer Choices in Drag & Drop Questions

We now allow answer choices to be reused on Drag and Drop questions.

Folder Permissions and Updates Log

We will now show Folder permissions and updates in the Collaborator's Activity Log.

Rubric Scores - Available for Students

Students can now see their rubric scores when scores are returned! Checkmarks will appear to show how the students was graded.

Admin Access to New Class Management Pages

We added a route for admins to view the new class management page in the triple dot class menu, Admin>Org> Triple Dot. This makes it easier to find the Formatives associated with the class and the student list.

Opt Out of "Co-Teacher Added" Notifications

The toggle can be found under "Noficiations" on the Settings page

Drawn Content Upload

We now allow drawn content to be uploaded as content for questions. This comes to replace the deprecated option for Whiteboard content

Show Your Work Question Renamed to Drawing

We have renamed the Show Your Work question type to "Drawing". The Show Your Work option under question types, will remain as is and no functionality has changed.

🤖 Beta and Early Access Features Updates

The below features have been added to our list of future features teachers can opt-in to test with us:

Hints in AI Generator

When using the AI generator to generate questions, teachers can now choose to generate hints along with the questions from within the same modal

Teachers can opt-in to test this new assign or present workflow

Several exciting updates were made to student practice sets recently, see all of them below:

Simplify creating practice sets

Just click the "Add+" button to create a new practice set. You can add grade and subject at a later time by clicking on "edit settings"

Add images, audio, and LaTex to practice cards

Post to classes!

Teachers can now POST Student Practice directly to their classes! Once posted, the practice set will appear on students' Practice dashboard in a non-editable version

Share a public link

Teachers can share a practice set with teachers and students. Simply click "Share"

3 in a row streak

Students will see a "Streak" message when they get 3 in a row correct on Practice Sets

Match Game Mode

Match Game is live! Student can play the Match Game as an option in Student Practice sets!

🛠️ Fixes

Every techonological tool runs into hiccups here and there. If you run into any technical issues please submit a report to our team so we could go ahead and fix it!

Additional Items in Auto-Generated Categorize

Auto-Generated Categorize questions will now generate at least 3 categories.

Collaboration Improvements

Teachers no longer need to click "edit" to view collaborators in the Share modal. Collaborators will appear in a scrollable list instead. Also, when a formative is added to a shared folder, teachers will be notified the formative will also be shared with collaborators on the folder.

Function Buttons Update

We separated the different functions that used to live under the "Share" modal into independent buttons. Teachers will now see separate buttons for the following functions on formatives:

  • Share (add collaborators)

  • Duplicate

  • Send a Copy

  • Publish to the Library

  • Tag as Common Assessment

On the Formatives main page, the menu was also changed to accommodate for the different function:

Moving Video Timestamped Items

Teachers can now move timestamped questions and content items that were added to videos to different time points of the video by dragging the markers on the video timeline to the new location

Simplified Add Image/Doc Uploader

We have updated the Add Image / Add Documents modals to include a clickable drop down rather than buttons for each type of addition

Add Answer for Fill In The Blank

We added the option to add correct answers from the sidebar of Fill In The Blank questions

🐞 Bugs

The below bugs were resolved throught the month

  • Fix: Teacher unable to initiate feedback

  • Fix RichText advanced menu button alignment for Match Table Grid

  • Fix: Users (teachers/students) logging in via Microsoft SSO getting error and unable to login

  • Fix: Inaccurate Correctness Indication on Categorize with No Answer Key Defined

  • Fix: Admin unable to transfer ownership of a formative

  • Fix: Keyboard Accessibility Tabbing of RichText Advanced Menu Trigger

  • Fix Google Drive Create and Google Launcher

  • Partial Credit Toggle No Longer Visible on Match Table

  • Hot Keys in Drawing should surface the correct icon

  • Suggested standards on a formative don't clear

  • Assign Settings | Restrict Auto-Posting to Google Classrooms to Owners Only

  • Fix error when logged into one account and switched to another

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