Answer Choice Explanations

Help your students understand their misconceptions and close the feedback loop early!

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What are Answer Choice Explanations?

Answer Choice Explanations are immediate feedback notes teachers can add to answer choices that help their students understand any misconceptions they may have as soon as their score is returned.

Note: Answer Choice Explanations are tied to the Return Scores setting. They will be returned with the score. Because of this they will only work if an answer key is set and if scores are returned.

Supported Question Types

Teachers can add Answer Choice Explanations to answer choices of the following question types:

  • Multiple Choice

  • Multiple Selection

  • True/False

Add Answer Choice Explanations

  1. Enter your answer choices to the question, and define the answer key

  2. Toggle on "Answer Choice Explanations"

  3. Each answer choice will now display an additional field to enter an answer choice explanation

  4. Type in explanations for the answer choices you would like to provide this immediate feedback on. Answer choices with fields that are left blank will simply not display any explanation for the student when chosen.
    Note: you can click on the little + icon to the far right of the answer choice explanation field to add content items to your explanation, for example an image, emoji, video or audio recording.

  5. When assigning the formative ensure "Return Scores" is set to "instantly", "after student submits", or "when closed" (scores must be returned for answer choice explanation to be displayed)

AI Generated Answer Choice Explanations (Early Access Feature)

If you've opten in to Formative's Early Access to Beta Features, you have the option to utilize AI to generate your answer choice explanations.

Follow the same steps as listed above, but on step 4 - instead of typing in your own answer choice explanations - simply click on the AI (magic wand) icon within the answer choice explanation field. You can choose to generate only one answer choice explanation for that specific field, or to bulk-generate all answer choice epxlanations simultaneously with one click.

AI can generate only text epxlanations. If you want to add content items such as image, video, audio, etc. click the little + button to the far right of the text field.

Student Experience

When an answer choice explanation has been entered, and scores are set to return, students will receive the explanation along with their score.

When scores are set to return instantly, students will click the "check answer" button to find out if their answer is correct or incorrect and the answer choice explanation will appear along with the score at that time.

When scores are set to return after submission or when the formative is closed, the answer choice explanation will appear for the student along with the appearance of the score.

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