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If you close a formative, students will not be able to respond to it any more.

There are three ways to close a formative: from your View Responses page, from your Assign settings, or from your Formatives dashboard.

To close a formative from View Responses:

  1. Visit the View Responses page

  2. Find the dropdown box next to the class you want to close the formative for

  3. When you click on the box, you will see the option to "Close Assignment."

Note: You can re-open the formative at any time by clicking on "Open Assignment" 

To close a formative from Assign:

  1. View the Assign page

  2. Select the class that you'd like to close the formative for

  3. Toggle the "Open" setting to "Closed":

To close a formative from your Formatives dashboard:

  1. Visit the Formatives tab

  2. Click on the green lightning bolt on the Formative you want to close

  3. Toggle the "Open" setting to "Closed":

Note: If your Formative is assigned to multiple classes, you will need to close it for each class it is assigned to.

Troubleshooting and FAQ

  • My students can't see their formative on their dashboard anymore!

When a formative is closed, students will no longer have access to it on their dashboard unless you set scores to return (or correct answers) when you assigned the formative. You can update your Assign settings at any time to do this.

  • I closed my formative because I don't want my students to see it on their dashboard anymore. How come they still see it?

If you have "Return Scores" or "Return Correct Answers" set to "After student submits," "Instantly," or "When Closed," students will still be able to see it. To remove it from their view, change these settings to "Don't Show Scores" and "Don't Show Correct Answers."

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