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AI Generated Feedback (Beta Feature)
AI Generated Feedback (Beta Feature)

Use our ChatGPT integraton to generate feedback to your students on Short Answer and Free Response questions!

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AI generated feedback

If you've opted in to testing our Beta features, you will have the ability to generate feedback to your students with AI. This can be a great time saving tool when grading and responding to students' submissions.

Currently the types of questions that feedback can be generated for with AI are:

  1. Short Answer

  2. Free Response

  3. Fill In The Blank

  4. Matching

  5. Drag and Drop

  6. Categorize

Note: AI is a powerful tool but it is far from perfect. When using AI generated feedback please screen your student response before sending. We do not know if there is sensitive information in the student's response so we are reliant upon you to screen for that information first (e.x. student name, date of birth, etc)

Send AI generated feedback:

  1. Make sure you have AI generated content toggled on under Beta Features in your account's settings and that you've toggled on "AI Student Writing Feedback"

  2. Open the responses tab of a formative

  3. Click on any student response (if you're a Gold member you can also multi-select responses)

  4. Go to the Feedback field

  5. Click the magic wand!

  6. Review the AI generated feedback, you can edit it to your liking

  7. Define if you'd like to send delayed feedback or to send it instantly, and click the send button

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