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Formative Updates November-December 2023
Formative Updates November-December 2023

November-December 2023 Enhancements, Beta Features and Fixes!

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🆕 Enhancement releases

We've been busy! Here's a sneak peek at our November-December 2023 new features and improvements:

Prevent Captions Enhancement

Prevent Captions will make the CC button to appear in disabled state for students and automatically will set the selected CC as "none", preventing the student from seeing the captions or to enable them.

Closed Caption options on Vimeo

We have introduced Closed Caption options on Vimeo driver, making the same behavior as YouTube video player.

Streamlining Common Assessments

We removed the ability to mark a library listing as a Common Assessment in the "Publish to Library" modal- users should designate a formative as a CA using the 3-dot formative menu.

Score Threshold on Common Assessments

We have added the score threshold to the common assessment sidebar. This new feature allows the owner of the CA to set score threshold colors and ranges and keep consistency for all Common Assessments across classes and teachers.

Library Listing Tag Edits

Library listings' owners as well as Gold plan admins can now edit the library listing directly from the right-hand preview panel within the library.

Rubric Modal Improvements

We are making improvements to the rubric UI including modal updates, and user experience tweaks. Recently, we have added a Save as Template button to the rubric space.

We increased rubric rows to 7 to accommodate AP courses which sometimes score against seven criteria.

We also updated Rubric copy Change text from "Select an Existing Rubric" to "Select from Templates".

We have added a print option to the rubric editor modal allowing teachers to print their rubrics!

And, we defaulted student view of rubric scores to be in view and for the toggle on Teacher's side to remove the view.

Print Summary Tab

Teachers and Admins can now print the Summary tab of formatives.

🤖 Beta and Early Access Features Updates

The below features have been added to our list of future features teachers can opt-in to test with us:

Practice Sets: Control Sound Effects & AutoPlay

We have updated the modal for Audio Settings on practice sets. The modal now allows users to control sound effects and AutoPlay files separately.

Practice Sets: Quiz Mode

We added Quiz Mode as a third practice mode to the Student Practice Sets! Students can now use Flashcards Mode, Match Mode and Quiz Mode. Learn more about it here!

Practice Sets: Copy/Paste Images

We added the ability to copy and paste images into practice item editor, nice improvement for creating Student Practice with images!

Practice Sets: Customizable Backgrounds

We added customizable background colors to Student Practice. We've even added some seasonal options for your enjoyment!

Editor Redesign - Collapsible Editor (Early Access)

We have enabled the Editor Redesign EA toggle in header of all formatives. Head over to your account's Settings page to opt-in and give it a try! Learn more about it here.

🛠️ Fixes

Every technological tool runs into hiccups here and there. If you run into any technical issues please submit a report to our team so we could go ahead and fix it!

Improved User Experience with Moving Pins

We improved the way teachers move pins for functionalized questions (questions added to enhanced documents). Now teachers will see a message to guide their pin moves.

Automatic Provisioning Upgrades

Districts with a Gold plan who are provisioning using the Clever provisioning sync with Formative can now import demographic data over into Formative (please reach out to your dedicated client success manager for more details)

🐞 Bugs

The below bugs were resolved throughout the month

  • Assign modal on mobile

  • Clever sync getting "Student Undefined" error

  • Issue where listing org access is removed when setting as common assessment

  • Enhanced content box resizing incorrectly

  • Assign Settings Redesign - unable to disable secure browser

  • Team Tracker export non-responsive

  • Disable video question slider for assign only teachers

  • fixed marking formatives deleted for non common assessments

  • audio settings button not appearing if items don't have audio

  • "Failed to mark submission as submitted" errors in logs

  • Item Bank Browser Filters Display Issue

  • Results summary demographics

  • Accommodations not displaying properly

  • Exporting of tracker (data table option/ Google and CSV) points do not match

  • Latex being cut off

  • Print Summary when lots of tags showing

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