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Formative Updates February 2024
Formative Updates February 2024

February 2024 Enhancements, Beta Features and Fixes!

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🆕 Enhancement releases

We've been busy! Here's a sneak peek at our February 2024 new features and improvements:

With Answer Choice Explanations, we doubled down on helping students to know what they did wrong when choosing a particular distractor. We always showed the student the "ACE" for the answer choice they selected but now we show all the "ACE" for the question if the teacher has chosen to return correct answers. This provides students with a way to review all distractors to better understand what might go wrong.

Video: Adjust Playback Speed

We added the option for teachers to adjust the playback speed of a video to play faster or slower. Additionally, students will be able to adjust the playback speed if the teacher allows.

Newsela-Formative Integration

Answer keys to activities are now being transferred into Formative along with the activities themselves when using the integration button within Newsela.

Select Topic for Class

In the new Assign Modal, users can select a topic for each of the classes without having to click into the separate class settings.

Standards Description in View Responses

Added a tooltip with standards description when teachers hover over standards title


Admin Access to Guest Submissions

Admins can access teachers' Guest Student submissions from the Teachers Report tab of the Admin Dashboard

🤖 Beta and Early Access Features Updates

The below features have been added to our list of future features teachers can opt-in to test with us:

Added button to ‘Expand All’ and ‘Collapse All’ to the new Formative editor

Users can see their latest performance in the start modal, and on the summary screen (as long as you've practiced the set at least once, and gotten more than 1 correct on your first attempt).

We updated the practice homepage by adding a "shelf" of common actions to speed up the creation process

We added the ability to remove a PDF after generating the questions

🛠️ Fixes

Every technological tool runs into hiccups here and there. If you run into any technical issues please submit a report to our team so we could go ahead and fix it!

Hide Student Name in Notifications

We released a small improvement that hides the name of the student in the notification if that Formative is set to not show student names.

🐞 Bugs

The below bugs were resolved throughout the month

  • Fixed issue where standards banner was not showing up for some users

  • Fix Moving Items Between Sections

  • Handle case where formative assessment start is in the future

  • Parse PDF corrupts "instructions" field

  • Fixed a small bug where we showed a needless overflow menu to students.

  • Fixed a bug that caused org admins to see every class when viewing Student Practice reporting

  • Fix close with new Assign Modal

  • Phrase- de (German) translations are appearing in English

  • Fixed issue where content type document unable to upload documents

  • Fix permission error with viewing formative results by standards and tags

  • Fix org invite accept flow join button regression

  • Fix Org Managers are unable to view orgs the team management page

  • Fixed a bug that was causing ACEs to show in teacher paced mode

  • Fixed a bug that was causing scrolling issues for students

  • Fixed a bug where students could skip questions even when prevent skip was enabled

  • Fixed behavior of bulk selection in the single question view of results summary

  • Fix duplicate orgs in Summary tab "Teams" filter

  • Fix SYW measurement tool dropdown

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