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Pinning Assignments (Beta Feature)
Pinning Assignments (Beta Feature)

Help your students quickly locate the most important formatives in their accounts!

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What is Pinning Assignments?

If you've opted in to testing our Beta features, you will have the ability to pin assignments to the top of the students' homepage. This can be helpful for students to quickly identify and locate the most important formatives they need to take.

Pin an Assignment

First - make sure the formative is assigned to the class. Then, on your main Formaitives page:

  1. Locate the formative

  2. Scroll to the right and locate the corresponding grid cell for the class you'd like to pin the assignment for. This grid cell should have an icon in it to signify the formative is indeed assigned to the class

  3. Click on the grid cell and choose "Pin Assignment" from the drop down menu

  4. A pin icon will appear to signify this assignment is now pinned for this class

Your formative will now be pinned at the top of the homepage of the students in this class

Unpin an Assignment

From your main Formatives page:

  1. Locate the formarive

  2. Locate the grid cell with the pin icon on it

  3. Click into the grid cell and choose "Unpin Assignment

The Student Experience

Any assignment pinned by a teacher will appear at the top of the student's homepage. A pin icon will appear next to the assignment as well:

The assignment will also be pinned at the top of the individual class list of formatives:

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