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Summary Tab on Formatives

Formative offers teachers an overall view of performance data per formative under the Summary tab, including:

  • Overall performance

  • Formative progress (student participation status)

  • Average performance on standards tagged

  • Top 3 underperforming questions

  • Item type performance

The data presented on this tab will include the data aggragated from all the classes this formative was assigned to.

Note: guest student data is not included in the Summary data

Overall Performance

Based on the amount of students who responded to the formative (not including guest students), the number and percentage of students who scored within each score threshold category are displayed.

The threshold categories correspond to those defined on the teacher's account (Silver/Gold subscribers can adjust thresholds in their account settings)

Formative Progress

This section will display total student participation status - how many students submitted the formative, how many are still in progress, and how many have yet to start

Standards Tagged

Here teachers can view the overall average performance on each of the standards tagged to the formative

Top 3 Underperforming Questions

The 3 most underperforming questions on the formative will be presented in this section. Click on each one to see full details

Item Type Performance

This section will provide you data on the performance level of your students on different item types. This data can be used to discern if there are specific question types that your students are struggling with.

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