First off, thank you for using Formative! We know you may have questions about what happens when your account is downgraded, and we would like to answer these questions for you.

First and foremost ALL of the Formatives you created WILL REMAIN IN YOUR ACCOUNT. We do not remove or delete formatives when a team subscription ends. You will retain access to the formatives you have created, but not to those shared by others (more on collaboration below). You will continue to have access to all your formatives from your dashboard, and your formatives created with Partner question types will remain in your collection. These formatives can continue to be assigned to your classes next school year.

If your subscription expires, your account will revert to a free Formative account. When this happens you will lose access to the Partner Features of Formative but continue to obtain all of the actionable data for students you previously could with our extensive set of free features.

Regarding specific features, here is what will happen:

Creating new formatives:

You will be able to create new formatives as before, but will be limited to the question types available to free Formative account holders and to 20 pages of uploads monthly.

If you have published formatives to your Private Library:

Any content you published to your team's private library will need to be re-published to the public Formative Library, as your team's private library will no longer be accessible. Click here to learn more about publishing to the public Library.

Data Tracking:

Educators will only have a 2-week look-back period for tracker data. Consider exporting any data older than 2 weeks to avoid losing it. Your students will no longer have access to the student-side standards tracker.

Assigning and Grading:

Certain assign settings, such as scheduling open/close times, restricting to individuals, and randomization, are limited to partner subscribers. Grading options for free account holders do not include group grading/feedback or Google Classroom/LTI Grade Passback. Bi-directional feedback will no longer be available.


Collaborators will lose access to shared formatives and folders. You will retain access to those you created, but not to those shared by others. Consider cloning formatives owned by others so that you retain a copy.

Co-Teaching is a partner feature, so all co-teachers will be removed from shared classes. Co-teachers will have to create their own classes and will lose previously shared data. If data needs to be shared, consider exporting data to share with colleagues - once a free account holder, exports are limited to 4 per month.

Admin Tab:

Admins for Partner subscriptions have access to an additional tab with team management features and powerful data. Once accounts revert to the free Formative account, the Admin tab will no longer be present.

Dedicated Success Manager:

If you received support and services from a Success Manager, you will be reverted back to our normal support level. Formative Success Managers are former educators who are committed to making sure a partnership is successful, educators are trained, and Admins understand how to use our tool to monitor student growth. Formative Success Managers offer ongoing training and professional development, and are available to respond to your requests and needs in a more personalized way if you continue under a team license.

Auto-rostering and LMS Integration:

LMS integration through LTI is reserved for partner schools and auto-rostering through OneRoster, ClassLink, or other systems will no longer be updated.

If you would like to keep all of these features and services, you must renew as a Partner before your existing subscription expires. Please reach out to your Success Manager to discuss renewal, or email us at

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