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Create a Multiple Choice question

  1. Click on the blue + button

  2. Choose "Multiple Choice" from the Question Types

  3. Type a question, add answer choices, and set the correct answer by clicking on the circle.

You can also choose to randomize* the order of the answers for your students. This is perfect in case they glance at a classmate's screen!

Note: When randomizing the order, the randomization will appear only on the students' end. The teacher's version will remain in the original order, including within the Preview mode. The responses tab for the teacher will also present the answers in the original order.

Please note: features marked with an asterisk* are available with a Gold license. Want Gold Features? Find out more here.

Strikethrough feature

Your students will have the option to eliminate incorrect answers by using the strikethrough feature. Please note that this feature is only available at the moment. If a student used the strikethrough and then navigated outside of the assignment, when they return the strikethrough markings will be gone and only the correct answer that was check marked will be preserved.

NEW! Quick Math Button

Are you using the Math Keyboard to enter answer choices often? Formative now offers the option to add a Math Button to the answer choice fields within several question types, inlucing Multiple Choice questions, for quicker access to the Math Keyboard.

This will eliminate the need to repeatedly click on the little plus button and choose the Math Keyboard from the dropdown menu.

To enable access to the quick math button:

  1. Click on "My Account" from the left side menu, and then "Settings"

  2. Locate the field "Show math keyboard in answer choices" and toggle it ON

Once this setting is toggled on, you will see a Math Button added next to the little plus button within your answer choice fields. Clicking this button will immediately bring up the Math Keyboard.

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