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Short Answer are generally questions that require students to construct a response. They are designed to accommodate a concise and focused response that may be factual, interpretive or a combination of the two.

Add a Short Answer question

  1. Click on the blue + button


  2. Choose "Short Answer" from the Question Types

  3. Type a question or prompt. Your students will be able to type their response! There is a 10,000 character limit for short answer responses.

  4. Optional: Set correct answer(s) for auto-grading. Find out more here!

  5. Optional: Use Short Answer questions for spelling assessments? You can by

*Silver/Gold users: Enable partial match, case sensitivity, and Show Your Work for even greater control over auto-grading. Want access to these Features? Find out more here.

Add image or math

You can add images and math features to questions and answers where you see the blue + sign (shown below).

*Silver/Gold users: You can also add audio, emojis, videos, files and embed other websites from the blue + sign.

Adjust question settings

Use additional question settings to refine parameters for auto-grading:

Case Sensitive

when this is toggled on, auto-grading will only count the student's answer as correct if they provide an answer identical to your answer key, including usage of upper or lower letters.

Students will not be able to submit their work without providing an answer

Switch scoring method for this question from auto-grading to a rubric based grading.

Accept student answers that include your answer key, even if they're not identical

Add a whiteboard style box for your students to showcase their work

You can also add hints for your students, and tag your question to standards.

What's Next?

Need your students to provide longer, more elaborate answers and/or be able to formatt and style their response? Here's how to create a Free Response question!

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