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Let's add a question your students can draw on top of!
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To add a Show Your Work question:

  1. Click on the blue + button

  2. Choose "Show Your Work" from the Question types

  3. Type your question / instructions - these will appear at the top of the Show Your Work field when a student clicks on it

  4. Students can draw, type, or even upload an image into the Show Your Work field to answer the question!:

*Silver/Gold Users: Students can now add PDFs and Google Docs too!

Tip:  you can draw, type, and upload images to the background before assigning the formative to your students! For example, you could:

  • Add a blank graph and ask students to add data points to it

  • Add a graphic organizer and ask students to type in its fields.

  • Add an image or photograph and ask students to circle certain items in it

  • Add math using the math keyboard!

  • Click the ellipsis to move the Math keyboard

Getting to know some of the Show Your Work Tools:

Select: This tool allows students to select, reshape, resize, and rotate any image or object on the Show Your Work canvas. This is also the tool the system will default to when exiting a text field or a math field.

Pan: This tool lets students move around the canvas to create more space to work. Show Your Work is infinite, so students can truly work without limits!

Change text / line size, color, and quality: Click on the top tool in the toolbar to adjust the size and color of both lines AND text!

Pro Tip: Toggle "Opacity" to the left to create a highlighter effect. Perfect for annotating a text or diagram!

Add Image: Select this tool to search Google Images, add an image or document from your device, Google Drive, or even use your built-in camera!

Add Ruler / Protractor: Click this tool to add a ruler and/or a protractor, these can be dragged to any position on the board, and they can also be rotated.

Ellipsis: Select this tool to move the math keyboard

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