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New! Collapsible Formative Editor (Early Access)
New! Collapsible Formative Editor (Early Access)
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What is Collapsible Editor?

Ready for a cleaner, more organized editor experience in Formative? Head over to your account's settings page and toggle on "Collapsed Formative Editor" under the Early Access section.

Once enabled on your settings page, you will see a quick toggle appearing on the right side corner of each formative, and you can toggle it On/Off at your convenience:

With this new experience, the question item you are working on will be expanded to full view while all other items will be collapsed. Need to edit a previously created question item? Click on it and it will immediately expand to full view.

For ease of reference, any question settings chosen, hints added, and/or standards tagged will be displayed as icons on the question even in its' collapsed view:

When uploading and enhancing a content item such as a PDF, Image, Video etc. the questions attached will collapse in the same manner above, and the whole item will collapse as one unit when moving on to the next separate item on the formative:

Bulk Action

Teachers can also Expand all or Collapse all with a click of a button!

NEW! Editor Navigation Side-Bar

A quicker way to navigate items on the formative's Editor has been introduced recently. Using the Navigation Side-Bar teachers can quickly jump to individual items, take bulk actions such as copying or deleting items, and even re-order items on the formative. Head on over here to read more about this new and exciting feature!

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