Paired Passages
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What are Paired Passages?

Paired passages are two text passages that are connected or similar in some way. Paired Passages are included in many state assessments as a way to increase common core rigor. Paired passages are accompanied by questions that require students to refer to both texts in their answers.

Create a Paired Passages Item

  1. Click on the "+" icon

  2. Choose "Paired Passages" from the Content types

  3. By default the field for Passage One will be expanded for you to type in the text for the first passage (you can also copy/paste text from external sources)

  4. Click on the carat next to "Passage Two" to expand the field and type in the text for the second passage

  5. You can highlight any part of your text and use the text editor menu at the top of each field to adjust text color, bold, italicize, underline, add lists, add headlines, use super-script/sub-script, add hyperlinks, or even use LaTex

After adding texts to both passages, it is time to add questions to them. Continue reading to learn how!

Add Questions to Paired Passages

Questions added to Paired Passages will appear on the right. To add a question:

  1. Click on the Blue plus button to the right of the Paired Passages texts

  2. Choose the preferred question type from the list

  3. Proceed to fill in the question fields, set up an answer key for automatic grading, and adjust the question's settings to your preference

  4. Proceed to add as many questions as needed

AI-Generated Questions

If you've opted-in to our Early Access to Beta Features and enabled AI content generation, you will also be able to use AI to generate questions for you:

  1. Click on the AI (magic wand) icon to the right of the Paired Passages (next to the blue plus) to pull up the AI generator

  2. Choose the question type from the available options

  3. Enter a prompt

  4. Adjust the grade level(s), subject(s) and the difficulty level desired

  5. Click on "Generate" and allow the AI some time to process the request

  6. Once AI presents you with the generated questions, un-check the box next to questions you do not want to include in your formative, and keep the checkmakrs next to questions you want to include

  7. If you are not happy with any of the suggested questions, click on "Regenerate" and AI will come up with a few other options

  8. Click "Add" and all the check-marked questions will be added to the Paired Passages

Add Content Items to Paired Passages

To further support student learning, you can also enhance Paired Passages with additional content items, to include:

Click on the hyperlinks above to learn more about each content item and the different options it presents.

To add content items to Paired Passages:

  1. Click on the big blue plus button (or any of the smaller gray plus buttons) to the right of the Paired Passages

  2. Choose the preferred Content Item from the list and follow the prompts

The Student Experience

When presented with Paired Passages students' will be able to navigate between the two passages by clicking on the appropriate tab at the top of the text. Questions will be presented to the right of the Paired Passages:

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