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Record Audio (Silver/Gold Feature)
Record Audio (Silver/Gold Feature)
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You can use the Audio option to record audio for your students to listen to within a formative. This is helpful for assessing listening skills, multi-sensory learning (having a reading passage read-aloud), accommodations (having questions read-aloud) and more!

  1. Click the blue plus button and select the "audio" content type

  2. Click "Record Audio" to start recording

  3. Click the red "Recording" button to stop recording

  4. Wait until the recording is uploaded (this may take some time for long recordings)

  5. Once the recording has uploaded you can click the "play button" to hear it before posting

  6. If you're not satisfied with the recording, click "Replace Audio" to start a new one

  7. If you're satisfied with the recording, click "Add Audio" to post the recording to your formative

  8. Once a recording has been posted, you can click the 3 dots to the far right of the recording to either download the audio file to your device, or to adjust playback speed

  9. You can also click "Replace Audio" to replace the recording with a new one

You can also add content between other things on your formative. Simply click on the + icon in between questions or content you've already created and select from the menu that appears:

Note: Each recording has a 10 minute limit, so you should have plenty of time to read questions, instructions, and passages, but plan ahead to make multiple recordings if needed.

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