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Graphing Question (Silver/Gold Feature)
Graphing Question (Silver/Gold Feature)

Our Graphing question enables your students to graph functions, plot data, evaluate equations, explore transformations, and much more.

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As of August 1st, 2022 Formative replaced the older version of the Graphing question type with this newer version version.

If you already created formatives using the older version of the Graphing question type, clicking "Use Graphing 2.0" will replace the old version Graphing question with the new version, which you can then edit to include any details needed.

Add a Graphing question

1. Click on the blue + button

2. Choose Graphing from the question types

3. Click the dropdown and choose from linear, parabola, exponential, or points.

4. Click the graph to plot points to set your answer key. You must plot 2 points to create a line.

  • To remove a point, simply click the point you would like to remove.

  • You are also able to drag points even once placed.

  • Changing the graph type will also change the line.

5. Opening the Graph settings allows you to add up to 4 graphs, as well as toggle on Student settings to manipulate the graph.

  • If multiple graphs have been added; you will simply click on the graph number to add data.

6. Access the student preview to see how one, or multiple, graphs would look for your students. When a graphing question is added; students will get instructions on how to use the graph.

Adjust question settings

Students will not be able to submit their work without providing an answer

Add a whiteboard style box for your students to showcase their work

Switch scoring method for this question from auto-grading to a rubric based grading.

You can also add hints for your students, and tag the question to standards.

NEW! Integrated Calculator Experience (Silver/Gold feautre)

Silver and Gold plan subscribers will have the option to turn on access to an integrated calculator for their students to use. Click here for full details!

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