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Tag Questions with Standards
Tag Questions with Standards
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Tag a question to standards

To tag your question to standards for student growth tracking: after creating a question place your cursor in the "Tag Standards" field at the bottom of the question tile. You can then locate the desired standard in the dropdown menu. To narro down the dropdown menu suggestions type in either a part of the standard's code or keywords from the standard you're looking for.

You can tag a question with multiple standards!

Add new standards to your account

If you're missing a standard set in your dropdown menu, it is because the set has not yet been associated with your account. Standards sets can be set up via the account's settings page, or directly from the question itself:

  1. Within your formative, in the "tag to standards" field, select "+ Add New Standard Set"

  2. Type the name of the standard you wish you add

  3. Click on the name of that standard

  4. Select "Confirm & Exit" and the standard will be added to your account


I can't find the standards set I need

Not seeing the standards you are looking for in Formative? You can add your own standards to Formative easily. We pull all standards from and this website allows you to add standards to it directly.

**Schools/Districts with a Gold plan: If your school is subscribed to our Gold plan, we can also add standards for you! You would need your team lead to contact their success manager to request to have those added.

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