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Learn how to add question hints for your students

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What are Hints?

Formative is excited to present a new functionality to enhance the feedback loop and re-enforce formative practices in teaching - adding hints to questions!

When creating a question, teachers will be able to add a hint to support struggling students. When a hint has been added to a formative, the students will be able to request viewing the hint - an action that will then be recorded on their response card for the teacher to view.

How many hints can I add?

Teachers can now generated MULTIPLE clues for students! The Hint icon will indicate the number of hints available and students can reveal them one at a time.

Add a hint to a question

  1. Locate the "Add a hint" field below the question and click on it

  2. Type your hint into the text field.

  3. You can use the + button to the far right of the text field to add a hint in the form of an image, a video, an audio recording, an emoji, and more; or to enhance your already written hint with them.

  4. To remove a hint simply click on the trash icon next to it

AI Generated Hints (Early Access feature)

If you've opted in to Early Access of Beta features, you will have access to our AI Hint Generation feature, you can click on the "Generate with ChatGPT" button for our system to display an option for a hint you can use. If the hint provided does not work, please click "Regenerate" for the system to generate a new one. Once you are satisfied with the hint provided, click "Confirm" to populate in the Hint field. After the hint has been populated you can also edit it if needed!

How will my students view the hint?

When a hint has been added to a question, students will be able to "request" viewing the hint by clicking the hint icon, which will be located next to the feedback icon. If you did not add a hint, the icon will not appear for the student.

Clicking on the icon will present the student with the hint you have provided, and the request to view the hint will be recorded on their answer card

How do I know if my students used the hint?

Once a student has used the hint option, their request will be recorded on the corresponding response card on your "Responses" tab.

An indication "Student requested a hint X minutes ago" will be displayed on the right-side panel view of the student's responses. Both on the student's full submission (Click on the student's total score/percentage), and on the individual response card (click on the student's individual response).

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