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Use the Math keyboard (Equation Editor)
Use the Math keyboard (Equation Editor)

Add math to any question type!

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Using Equation Editor / Math Keyboard

In questions

You can use our equation editor to add Math to any question type by selecting the + icon on the right side of the question block and selecting "Math". Then use our built-in keyboard to write equations and formulas:

In answer choices

You can also add equations as answers choices to questions. Select the + icon next to an answer choice and select "Math":

Designed for all levels of math!

You can create all levels of math equations, from elementary addition to advanced physics.  Because of this, you can explore combinations of using your keyboard and the on-screen editor to create the best combination for you.

As an example, if you hit Shift + 8 on your keyboard to add the * sign while in the editor, it will represent the multiplication symbol as a "·" instead of as an "x".  These tools work the same for the student and teacher side. So play around and make the best equation for your need!

Keyboard additional functions!

You will find everything you need already existing within this on-screen equation editor, eliminating the need to use any external keyboards.

Looking for special characters, symbols or functions? Check out the 5 tabs this keyboard has to offer!

Long-press keys on this keyboard to reveal additional options related to the chosen key.

Let's take a closer look at each of the tabs and the options it presents:

Numeric Tab: 123

In the Numeric Tab, the following keys can be long-pressed to reveal additional options:

Numbers 1 - 9

Font options: Bold, Sans, Monospace

Functions Tab: 𝑓 ( )

In the Functions Tab, the following keys can be long-pressed to reveal additional options:

ASCII Special Characters Tab: ∞≠∈

In the Special Characters Tab, the following keys can be long-pressed to reveal additional options:

Alphabetic Tab: ABC

In the Alphabetic Tab, all letter keys - both upper case and lower case - can be long-pressed to reveal additional fonts:


Upper Case

Lower Case

A a

B b

C c

D d

E d

F f

G g

H h

I i

J j

K k

L l

M m

N n

O o

P p

Q q

R r

S s

T t

U u

V v

W w

X x

Y y

Z z

Greek Tab: 𝝰𝝱𝝲

Need more functions?

There are many more functions you can create using LaTeX! With LaTeX, you can write mathematical expressions in-line with text. Read our Using LaTeX in Formative article for more information!

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