Teachers have the ability to define which questions on a formative must be answered for students to be able to submit their work, by setting required questions.

Note: Once you designate a question as "Required", subsequent questions will default to required as well, however you will have the option to toggle it off.

To set a required question:

  1. Click the blue + sign and choose the question type

  2. Proceed to create the question

  3. Toggle on the "Required" button below the question

Once a question has been set as a required question, students will not be able to submit their formative without providing a response.

From the student's view, there will be 3 indicators that required questions are included in the formative:

  • The question will have a red label "Required"

  • A warning will appear over the "Submit" button stating "Please answer all required questions."

  • The "Submit" button will be grayed out and non-functional until all required questions have been answered

There is no limit to the amount of required questions teachers can add to a formative.

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