Getting to Know the Formatives Tab

What do the icons and symbols on the Formatives tab mean?

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Icons on the Formatives tab

The Formatives tab is a great place to get a bird's-eye-view of your assignments and classes. By understanding what the different icons, symbols, and numbers mean, you can see which classes need what, in a flash!

Co-Teachers (Gold schools and districts only):

The people icon attached to your class abbreviation lets you know that one or more teachers have shared access to the students and formatives assigned to this class.

Google Classroom sync:

The Google icon attached to your class abbreviation lets you know that the class was synced with Google Classroom. Changes can be made easily by re-syncing with Google Classroom.


The folder symbol will appear to the left of of a folder's title to signify a bundle of assignments.

Shared Folder (Gold Schools and Districts only)

When more than one teacher on a Gold plan collaborates on a folder, the folder's symbol will have a collaborator icon on it.

Practice Set

This symbol to the left of a title signifies this is a Practice Set rather than a formative.

Shared Formative or Practice Set (Gold Schools and Districts only)

The triple dotted circle symbol will appear to the right of a formative's title when the formative has collaborators added to it.

Common Assessment (Gold Schools and Districts only)

This tag symbol signifies that a formative has been tagged as a Common Assessment.

Open Assignments:

The lightning bolt symbol means that the formative is currently open for students to complete and submit. All assignments default to open unless you change the settings.

Closed Assignments:

The padlock symbol means that the formative has been closed to students. They may no longer access the formative.

Scheduled Open (Silver/Gold feature):

The green calendar icon means that the formative is currently open for students to complete and submit, and has been scheduled to open and close automatically.

Scheduled Closed (Silver/Gold feature only):

The red calendar icon means that the formative closed automatically at the scheduled time assigned by the teacher. They will no longer have access to the formative.

Scores Returned:

The suitcase icon means that scores have been set to be returned to students. They will be able to see their scores based on the settings chosen by the teacher.

Scores Returned (yellow suitcase):

Scores were returned for some students but not all students have submitted

Single Number:

A single number in the middle of a box indicates the number of students who have submitted that assignment. This number will appear in classes where the formative was assigned to the entire class.

Fraction (X/X):

A fraction will appear when a formative has only been assigned to some students in a class. The first number will tell you how many students have submitted, the second represents the number of students to whom the formative was assigned.

Teacher-Paced Mode:

This icon below will appear when you enable teacher paced mode.

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