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A Free Response question (formerly known as Essay) is similar to a Short Answer but it additionally provides the same rich text options that you have when editing a question (i.e. image/drawing, video/screen record, audio, numeric, and more) as well as additional formatting options for your students to get creative! Free Response questions are limited to 100,000 characters so students have plenty of room to express their thoughts.

Add a Free Response Question

  1. Click on the blue + button

  2. Choose "Free Response" from the Question types

  3. Type a question or prompt. Your students will be able to type their response!

  4. Optional: You can set correct answer(s) for auto-grading. 

Adjust question settings

Students will not be able to submit their work without providing an answer to this question

Case Sensitive

when this is toggled on, auto-grading will only count the student's answer as correct if they provide an answer identical to your answer key, including usage of upper or lower letters.

Accept student answers that include your answer key, even if they're not identical

Add a whiteboard style box for your students to add their work to

Change grading method to a rubric

Word Count

Toggle on "Display Word Count" to allow both your students and yourself to keep track of their word count. If you enable this feature, the students' word count will appear on their response tiles.

You can also add hints for your students and tag the question to standards

Want access to Silver/Gold Features? Find out more here.

Formatting and Styling

Tip: Teachers and students can highlight text for formatting options such as sub/superscripts, fractions, bullet points, hyperlinks, change color and more!

Drag and drop content into the question

Any file you would normally add using the blue plus sign can now be added by dragging and dropping from your device, making it easier than ever to provide your students with the materials they need. Students can also drag and drop files into a Free Response answer.

Students' View:

Students will see a text box in which they can type (including styling and adding hyperlinks), and add attachements (see below).

If you've toggled on "Show Your Work", added a Rubric, or enabled Word Count - they will all be accessible for your student:

Students can type and can add to enhancements to their answers by clicking on the "blue plus sign". They can insert: audio, emojis, images, our math keyboard, upload videos (*this includes links from YouTube, Vimeo and Google video) and files less than 100 MB.

For students to record video submissions using the Free Response question:

  1. Click on the blue plus sign (in the right hand corner)

  2. Select "Video"

  3. Students will be able to access all video options including recording a new/live video to respond to the question/command

  4. Click "Record video" and the red dot to start/end recording

  5. When finished, click "Add video" and the video will upload inside the text box

File Upload to questions

File uploads of less than 100 MB are now supported in all question types. Students will be to upload any file type.

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