In line choice is another great tool for creating cloze tasks. With this type of question, students are prompted to choose one out of several possible answers on a dropdown menu right within the question!

To add an In Line Choice question:

  1. Click on the blue + button (or the "add" icon in the more recent version)

  2. Choose "In Line Choice" from the Question types

  3. Type your text in the question bar

  4. Click "add dropdown" where you'd like to add choices for your students to fill in

  5. Mark the correct answer for auto grading:

Switch on the ability to allow **Partial Credit for In Line Choice question types to take auto-grading up a notch by allowing your students to get credit for answering part of the question correct:

How we grade the "Allow Partial Credit" feature in In Line Choice Questions

Let's take a look at an example of how this works in practice. Here is an In Line Choice answer key:

There are 4 correct answers. The question is scored out of 4 points.

Here are some examples of student responses to this In Line Choice question, along with their auto-graded scores.

Student A

Student A has 4 correct answers

Student A's auto-graded score will be 4 out of possible 4 points, or 100%

Student B

Student B has 3 correct answers

Student B's auto-graded score will be 3 out of possible 4 points, or 75%

Student C

Student C has 1 correct answers, and not all answers are filled

Student C's auto-graded score will be 1 out of possible 4 points, or 25%

What's Next?

If you prefer your students enter their own free replies, check out our Fill In The Blank question type!

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