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Track data and manage your team(s) in the Admin Tab.

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We recommend viewing our Formative Fundamentals for Admins course (online, self-serve, free resource) to learn all about your Admin capabilities!

Who can see the Admin Tab?

This feature is only available at the Gold School level. Access to this tab is granted to anyone whose role in the Formative school plan is Admin or Org Manager, which should include Principals, Department Heads, and any administrator who needs to access team data. Individual teachers will not have this tab on their Formative site view. See the links at the bottom of this article for more on Gold plan subscriptions and adding Admin roles!

In your Admin Tab, you can:

  • Add and remove educators to/from your Plan

  • Organize your District or School into sub-teams

  • Give educators Admin privileges

  • View and track your Team's Common Assessments

  • View and track data by educator

.... and more!

To get started, click on "Admin" on the left side menu. You will then see additional sections to choose from at the top of the page. Let's take a look at each of them:

Team Management

Use the Team Management section to add team members to your Gold plan (or remove them), create and manage teams, create and manage sub-teams and PLCs, and change your team members' roles.

Click on the linked articles above to learn more about all the different functionalities of this section.

Common Assessments

Whenever an educator in your Gold team publishes a formative to your Private Library as a Common Assessment, these are placed on the "Common Assessments" section of your Admin tab, so that you can find them quickly and easily. The Common Assessments tab allows you to view and track performance on these high-stake assessments across your organization. Click the linked article above to learn more!

Teachers Report

View activity and tracker for each teacher across your organization, and access their classes and formatives. You will be able to perform different actions within these, including transferring ownership of classes from one teacher to another and even transferring ownership of formatives from one teacher to another. More on Teachers Report in this link!

Team Tracker

From the "Team Tracker" section in your Admin tab, you can view all of your teachers' data in one place. This Team Tracker allows you to see and compare progress - by teacher, class, and individual students - on formatives and against standards. Click the article linked above to learn more about this section.


While the Team Tracker provides an overview of students and classes performance on standards at any given moment, the Progress section allows for a more in-depth look on students and teachers' progress on standards over time!

Standards Progress will present trends in relation to former semesters and even years, and will allow you to create in-depth reports.

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