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Adjust Score Thresholds (Silver/Gold Feature)
Adjust Score Thresholds (Silver/Gold Feature)

Change the score thresholds that you and your students will see in Formative

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When you first sign up for Formative, the default score threshold will reflect a traditional grading framework (aka "Standard system score threshold colors"):

Changing Score Thresholds

Silver/Gold users can change these default thresholds on the Profile Settings page by clicking "My Account" on the left side menu and selecting "Settings."

From there, you have the ability to adjust score thresholds in the following ways:

  • Change the color for each score range

  • Add additional ranges

  • Adjust each individual range of scores

*Please note that at this time, all ranges must have a minimum score of 0 and a maximum score of 100.

Custom Score Threshold vs. Standard System Score Threshold

Once you have changed your thresholds and clicked "Save", these changes and the color coding chosen will take affect in the following instances:

  • View Responses page (teacher view)

  • Formative cards with total scores shown (both student and teacher views)

However, the standard system score threshold colors will override any custom colors defined by the teacher in the following instances, that are mostly in the student view while they are taking a formative:

  • Formative progress bar

  • Score pill in each question block

  • Checkmark animation

  • Correct/incorrect UI (after correct answers are returned)

*Please note that administrators at schools/districts with a Gold plan have the ability to override score thresholds on shared common assessments

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