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Formative Updates May 2023
Formative Updates May 2023
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Enhancement releases from May 2023

  • Teachers have "Reuse Answer Choices" as a toggle option for Categorize question types. When answers are not reusable, they will disappear from student's answer choices.

  • We have updated Hints so that teachers can now generate MULTIPLE clues for students! The Hint icon will indicate the number of hints available and students can reveal them one at a time.

  • The Activity Report has been extended to show activity from the past 90 days (instead of 14)!.

  • A 'Print with Hints' toggle was added to the Print modal, students will see question hints when this is toggled on.

  • Now, when a Guest link is used by a Teacher, the Formative will open with the Student UI view.

  • We have added the ability to generate Categorize and Matching questions using AI.

  • We have grouped standards by set for teachers when searching for standards to tag. Users will see the entire group of standards when searching, which will make their search much easier!

  • We have brought back the color coding of student scores in the student view.

  • Now, if a teacher un-assigns from guest students, they will no longer lose all the guest data. Data can be recovered by reassigning to guests.

  • Hints are now included in Text to Speech, the hint will be read when students with TTS accommodations click.

  • Response frequency coverage continues to grow and now works for the Categorize question type and the Inline Choice question type.

  • Teacher Paced Mode 'Student Release' Enhancement. We have released the update to Teacher Paced Mode (TPM) which allows teachers to decide whether to pace students with the group or independently. This differentiated pacing is amazing and allows students to sync with their learning style! Learn more about this new capability HERE

  • What a delight for students that Checkmark Animation is here! For instant score return Formatives, students will see a checkmark if their answer is correct!

  • We have added a badge awarded for hint Generation! Users can Level up as hey use the Hint Generation feature, and also the Formative AI Trailblazer award which requires the generation of 20 AI questions and 20 AI hints

  • We have deprecated the old chart view functionality. It is now replaced by the Frequency Chart.

  • We added a frequency bar to show the "Overall Average" in the response frequency chart view for Formatives that have been assigned to multiple classes.

  • We replaced the calculator's ln_10 button with the log button to correspond with the syntax generally used in math classrooms.

  • We created a more granular Opt-in/ Opt Out for EA features so that users can choose individual Beta features to preview, rather than having to choose the entire lot.

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