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Formative Updates April 2023
Formative Updates April 2023
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Enhancement releases from April 2023

  • We have added True/False questions types as an option for AI-generated questions

  • Teachers and Admins can now Transfer Ownership of classes!

  • We have updated Text-to-Speech (TTS) to be more consistent in pace and sound across browsers

  • We now indicate the number of active guests in an assignment

  • On the student dashboard, students will see a "Closed" pill when the assignment has been closed

  • We've added a "Generate Another" option to the context menu item for quick generation of a similar question. This works for Multiple Choice, Multiple Select, True/Fale and Short Answer questions

  • New subjects added: STEM, Forensic Science, and History

  • For better visibility, we have changed the color of the hints icon from blue to orange

  • Teachers and Admins can now Transfer Ownership of formatives and folders! Located under the Share modal:

  • For accessibility, we have added tooltips for student side content icons

  • Early Access AI Features (subject to changes):

    • Feedback generation for free response and short answer questions allows teachers to create feedback using AI. The option to generate feedback is available as long as no text has been entered into the input field.

    • Passage generation: Teacher can now generate passages choosing the genre and length!

  • Teachers can now select specific pages when uploading slides to a formative

  • To allow the Formative editor to remain visible during editing, we have made the video modal draggable and overlay transparent

  • We added 45minutes as time limit option to accommodate more user time norms

  • Teachers have "Reuse Answer Choices" as a toggle option for Categorize question types. When answers are not reusable, they will disappear from student's answer choices

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