Force Submit Formatives

You can now submit a formative for one or all of your students in a few easy clicks!

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What is Force-Submit?

There may be cases in which you wish you could submit on behalf of your student. Maybe they forgot to submit an assignment or they were simply taking a test and time was up. No matter the case, you can use our Force Submission feature!  

When you force submit, Formative automatically scores the student's unanswered questions (if the question has an answer key). It will also trigger any returning of scores or answers that you may have set when assigning.

Force Submit for multiple students in a class:

You can force submit for multiple students at once. Here's how to do it:

  1. From the "View Responses" tab, make sure you are on the "Totals" view

  2. Next to the class you'd like to force submit, click on the icon (lightning bolt, lock or suitcase) to expand the drop down menu.

  3. From the options, select "Force Submissions".

  4. Deselect using the checkbox for any students you don't want to submit, and click "Submit"!

As a default, all students in the class will be check marked however you can un-check any of them you'd like to exclude from the mass forced-submission.
Once force-submitted, you will see any unanswered questions are now available to score!

If you toggle "Grade empty responses as zero" to green, this will automatically assign any unanswered question a score of "0".

Force Submit for a single student:

To force submit for a single student, you can repeat the process above, or follow these steps:

  1. From the "View Responses" tab, make sure you are on the "Totals" view

  2. Click on a student's name to open the right-side panel 

  3. Within the right side panel, click on the triple dots to expand the drop down menu

  4. Click on " force submission" and proceed to confirm

What's Next?

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