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Track Class and Individual Growth On Standards
Track Class and Individual Growth On Standards
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Track class progress on standards

To track a class' progress on standards, you can navigate to the "Standards" view of the Tracker and then filter down to a specific class. You will then be able to view the class's average on all standards as well as their averages on individual standards! This can be very helpful for daily lesson planning and long-term planning as well:

Track student progress on standards

To track individual student progress on standards, sort the students by name or score. You can see each student's average for each standard you've tagged in the past. You can also click on a student's name to bring up every standard, along with their averages:

You can also click on any average to bring up a list of questions tagged to that standard, along with the student's scores for those questions:

NOTE: The filtering and sorting functions presented in the screen captures above have been moved into drop-down menus located at the top left of the screen, as part of ongoing design improvements:

Filters menu:

Note: Bronze and Silver plans will only have the option to view results from the last 14 days. Gold plans provide the option to filter by dates and present results from the past 2 years.

Sort by menu:

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