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How to Invite Teachers, Org Managers, & Admins to your Team
How to Invite Teachers, Org Managers, & Admins to your Team
How to set up your department, school, or district on Formative.
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You can add educators to your plan with a few clicks, and designate them as org managers or admins too! 

Here are the features of each designation:

Admins: (Ex: Principal, Instructional Coach, anyone who should see team data)

  • Can view teacher activity data and student response data across the team

  • Can invite other Admins & Org Managers

  • Can add teachers to a team

  • Can move teachers to different teams

  • Access to all Gold features

Org Managers: (Ex: Anyone needing access to their own classes while also being able to invite other teachers. They will not be able to view data from other teachers' classes.)

  • Cannot view any student response data

  • Cannot invite Admins

  • Can invite other Org Managers

  • Can add teachers to a team

  • Access to all Gold features


  • Access to all Gold features

  • No access to org management or data

  • Cannot add other teachers

How to add an educator to your plan:

  1. Once you are logged in to your Formative account, select the “Admin” tab from the left side menu

  2. Select the “Team Management” sub-tab and click on the team name

  3. In the panel on the right, click on the "+" icon next to the number of members. This will bring up a window called "Invite Users to School/Team"

  4. Make sure the correct team is showing in the “School/Team” field

  5. Enter the first name, last name, and email of the educators you would like to add (Tip: you can copy and paste these fields from a spreadsheet to make the process quicker!

  6. Indicate each person's role

*Due to student data privacy laws, if designated “Admin” is not a school Admin (Principal or Vice Principal), we must receive written permission from a school Admin (Principal or Vice Principal) to allow that access.

Educators that already have Formative accounts under the email you are activating as a Gold user will only need to refresh or log out/back into the accounts to activate the new Gold access. If they have a paid account already, they will automatically receive a refund once they join the Gold plan license.

Educators that are brand new to Formative will receive an email with instructions on how to get the new Gold account set up.

Once they are added, they will have access to all team features and can make their classes and add their students. Here are some useful articles that may help them:

FAQ and troubleshooting tips

  • I can see team members who are labeled as "Unverified." Why?

Teachers who sign up for a Formative account and select your school/team will appear as "Unverified." If you recognize these educators, click on the "Unverified" label and select "Invited." The next time this educator logs in, their account will have access to all team features.

  • I need to remove a team member.

Looking to remove team members from the team? Here's how.

  • I need to move a teacher to another team

If you need to move a teacher from one team (or department) to another, here's how.

  • Some of my teachers already had individual premium accounts. Will they receive a refund when they join my department, school, or district license?

If any teacher has an individual premium license, it will be canceled and they will be given a prorated refund for the remainder of their subscription period. To have this happen they both need to receive the invite from the admin, and then also accept that invite to join the license.

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