As an Org Manager, you can create teams at any level of the organization you manage. Teams are useful for the Admins of the organization, because Admins can filter student data by team. 

If you are an Org Manager for a district:
Separate teams for each school in your district will already be visible in your Team Management sub-tab of your Admin tab. These will be labelled as Schools. You can create teams under each School; if you do that, you should label them as Departments (see below).

If you are an Org Manager for a School:
You can create teams under that School. If you do this, you should label them as Departments (see below).

You can also designate an educator as an Org Manager just for a specific School or Department team - this may be helpful so that other people can help you to add educators.

To create a new team:

  1. Once you are logged in to your Formative account, select the “Admin” tab along the top of the screen

  2. Select the “Team Management” sub-tab and click on the org you would like to add a team to

  3. In the panel on the right, click on the "+" icon next to the number of teams. This will bring up a window called "Add Org"

  4. Type the team name, and type or edit the city and state/country

  5. Click to select whether the team is a district, school, or department, then click "OK!"

Your new team will appear under its parent org.

You can add educators to this new team in exactly the same way that you added educators to the original org (this article explains the process).

You can also designate educators as Org Managers for the new team. When you add them to the team, simply choose their role as "Org Manager." (This will allow them to add/remove educators from the team.)

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