Upgrading to a Partner Plan allows teachers to access all collaboration features as they continue to utilize all the features they would under the individual premium plan. These collaboration features enable teachers to accomplish much more together with their colleagues.

A Partner Plan allows you to:

Collaborate Within Formatives

Want teachers to be able to to work with their team members to create formatives for students? Collaborating on a formative will allow them to do so. Teachers can create formatives together or share a formative they created with a colleague to allow them to assign it to their classes.

Co-teach a Class

If teachers co-teach, it only makes sense for them both to be able to view student data, assign and grade formatives, and provide students with feedback. Now they can do so!

View Team Data

If a team leader or administrator needs to view data from multiple classes and teachers, they can now do so by creating a team and assigning an "admin" - someone who can view all classes in the team and data for students within those classes. Sub-teams can also be created.

Publish to a Private Library

Partner plan members are able to publish formatives to a private library, allowing colleagues to easily search for and grab a copy.

Create Common Assessments

Teachers can publish formatives to the team's private library as a Common Assessment. When a colleague grabs this from the library, they won't be able to edit or change the content in any way - they will only be able to assign it. That means that teachers can be sure every class is taking the same version of the assessment.

In addition, students can also access the Standards Tracker for Students
Students can track their growth on standards right from their own dashboard! If you tag standards to a formative, have scores set to be returned or close the formative after they've submitted, students will be able to see and track their progress by clicking on the 'Standards' tab.

In addition, partner plans include:

  • Auto-rostering with your SIS (for school or district-wide partnerships)

  • LTI integrations (for school or district-wide partnerships)

  • Personalized professional development and support

  • Customer standards set to add specific school/district standards

  • Access to demographic data in results

  • Kiosk mode for site-wide testing (optional)

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