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Formative Updates December 2022
Formative Updates December 2022
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Enhancement releases from December 2022

  • We added class avatar to the view response filter sidebar when there are more than 2 classes for a formative.

  • We have enabled the "Allow edits" and "Keep visible" setting options even after users have entered Respondus Lockdown mode.

  • We have updated the UI of Student Response cards. The card will now show whether a question is auto-graded and the feedback icon with a dot to indicate message status.

  • We have updated the +Add Student modals under the Restrict toggle in Assignment Settings.

  • We revised 'removed' student language in the class dropdown to 'archived'.

  • We are replacing the 'X' icon with a trashcan icon throughout the app to support discarding an item. The new icon will also show a focused state circle upon hover.


  • Instant Scoring / Check Answer Update Based off teacher feedback, we've made a few key updates to Instant Scoring / Check Answer.
    Teachers will still see the number of attempts students make but we will not be showing the information to students.
    The Check Answer button will only show for question where a student could simply click to discover the answer (e.x. Multiple Choice). For questions where students are entering an answer choice via keyboard (e.x. show your work), Check Answer will not show.

  • We have redesigned the Resequence question type by :

    • Updating design of the resequence-able item choices

    • Adding a custom drag preview and drop zone styling

    • Animating changes in the item list and the item drop

  • We continue to improve the View Response Frequency charts. Now:

    • Filters in the Response Frequency Chart to show specific class data. Only the selected classes will have bars. If none are checked, no filters apply and they should all show bars.

    • Sort will default to show the most frequently responded answer at the top of the chart.

    • Unsupported question types show an explanatory message.

  • We have given Homepage Customization to teachers! The Classes, Quick links and Recent Formative Shelves can be adjusted using the Settings button in the top right of the screen.

  • Teachers can now Delete a student from a class. Once the student is archived, teachers can view them as archived and choose a Delete option.

  • For accessibility, we've added hover descriptions of Color names and selection to color pickers throughout the site.

  • We've updated the design of the draggable choices in the Drag and Drop question type:

    • Changed overall aesthetic

    • Made choices larger

    • Added more distinct hover and focus styling

  • We have added "drop zone" UI to the file and image upload modals that indicates the space where files can be dragged and dropped.

  • We have updated the Common Assessment modal to include a field for 'Formative 'Type'.

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