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Live Collaboration Indicator and Activity Log (Gold Plan Feature)
Live Collaboration Indicator and Activity Log (Gold Plan Feature)

View who is currently collaborating with you on a formative!

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What is Live Collaboration Indicator?

The live collaboration indicator bar allows you to view who is currently accessing the formative you are working with. The avatar bubbles of your collaborators who are currently either reviewing or editing the formative will be presented at the top of the screen.

You can hover over each bubble to view the name of the collaborator, their nickname (if applicable), their email address, and level of access to the formative (Owner, Assign Only, Edit & Assign).

Expand View

Clicking any of the avatars will open a right-side collaborators panel, where you can view the full list of collaborators at once. Simply click on the "Collaborators' section to expand the view.

This Collaborators list will include all collaborators whether they are currently active within the formative at the same time or not. A live dot indicator will turn green if the collaborator is active, and gray if the collaborator is not active.

Manage Collaborators

Within the right-side collaborators panel, click the "Add Collaborators" button to share the formative with additional colleagues, send a copy, or publish to the library

NOTE: only the owner and collaborators with "Assign & Edit" permissions can use this function. If you have "Assign Only" permission, these functions will be grayed-out and non-accessible.

Activity Log

From this side panel view you can also check the activity log of the formative to see recent edits and activities performed by your colleagues.

At this time the following actions will be logged:

  1. Adding a collaborator

  2. Removing a collaborator

  3. Changing a collaborator's permission level (Assign Only / Edit & Assign)

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