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Learn how to check if your student is online and in the formative

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Real Time Data

Using the "View Responses" tab allows teachers to receive real time data as students are completing their assignments. Here is a video going into detail on how this tab works and the type of data you can collect:

Live Presence Indicator

In addition, Formative now offers teachers a way to recognize which students are actively accessing their assignments in real time.

If a student's response is not coming in, you can check the live indicator to see if the student is within the formative assignment at that particular moment or not. Look for the green bubble on the student's avatar/initial icon:

Multiple Presence Indicator (Gold plan feature)

Teachers at schools and districts with a Gold plan license have an additional layer of security in the form of the Multiple Presence Indicator. This multiple-devices icon will appear next to a student's name if our system detects the student's presence *within* this specific formative from different devices simultaneously.

While Multiple Presence within a formative could be due to students attempting to cheat, it doesn't necessarily indicate cheating. It is always best to check the details for the overlapping user sessions to properly identify the situation and act accordingly.

To reveal the information about the overlapping user sessions detected, simply click on the multiple-device icon. The information will include:

  • The Device or Operation System in use

  • The browser used

  • The IP address

  • The time stamps for each session (first seen and last seen)

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