You can share copies of formatives from your Formatives tab/dashboard, or from within individual formatives!

*Note: Sharing a copy will NOT share student results. Teachers who use this code will not have access to the original formative or results.

To share a copy of a formative from your Formatives tab:

  1. Click on the empty circle to the left of a formative

  2. Click on the share icon at the bottom of the page

  3. Underneath the "Share a Copy" tab, click "Get sharing link":

4. Recipients can enter the clone code (the last 6 characters at the end of the copy link) in the "Enter quick code" input field in the top right of their teacher accounts, or enter the share links in their URL bar. Once they confirm they want a copy of the formative, they will be taken to the "Edit" page of it!

To share a copy of a formative from within a formative:

  1. Click on the triple dots at the top right of the page

  2. Select "Share"

  3. The share link appears under "Share a Copy"

  4. Click "Get sharing link":

You can copy the link to your clipboard or even share directly to Facebook / Twitter! When a recipient pastes the link into their URL bar, they'll be taken to the "Edit" screen for their copy of the formative.

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