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Publish Your Formative (and Bundles) to the Library
Publish Your Formative (and Bundles) to the Library
Sharing with other educators has never been easier! You can share your Formatives to the public library or to a private one.
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Do you have a formative you would like to share? 

You can share your formatives with other educators without affecting the original! You can make it public or you can post it to a private library. 

1. On your dashboard, select the Formative you'd like to share.

2. From the menu at the bottom of the page select "Share".

3. From the second tab "Publish to Library" click "Publish"

4. Select the "type of Formative", who you'd like to grant access to (public, private or both), the grades, subjects and languages. Feel free to write a description. Your description will show as "Notes from the author" when others preview your formative in the Library.

You can now specify the language(s) of a formative when you publish to the library!

You can also decide to add your Formative to an existing bundle (folder) or create a new one: 

4. Just click "Create" when finished and that is it! 

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