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Formative Updates November 2022
Formative Updates November 2022
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Enhancement releases from November 2022

  • We've improved user ability to edit sections with...

    • Added the ability to merge a Section of questions in a formative into the previous section

    • Added ability to dissolve sections from the menu on the first section.

  • We continue our march towards accessibility by adding a Skip Link for students who are using keyboard tabbing. The Skip Link choice allows users to bypass the Progress bar and to move to the first question.

  • We have updated some UI elements of the classes pages by:

    • Replacing class checkboxes with an accordion dropdown

    • Adding the student count to the sub-title

    • Updating the Add Student icon

    • Replacing the settings gear with a 3-dot menu

  • We've Renamed "Suggested Formatives" to "Recent Formatives" on the Dashboard.

  • Rich text images can now be zoomed, this also allow teachers to see the image zoom feature in the teacher preview.

  • We have organized the search by standard feature in the item bank by grouping together standards that belong to the same set.

  • We've added the following subjects to class options

    • Elementary

    • Multi-Subject

    • Special Education

    • Computing

    • ICT

    • Arabic

    • Double Science

    • Design Technology

    • English Literature

    • Politics

  • We have changed our instant scoring ("Return scores -> Instantly") to not show a student their score until they've clicked a "Check Answer" button. Number of attempts will be recorded both for students and for teachers.

  • We have updated inline choice questions to include the math keyboard as an answer choice option.

  • We updated the student progress bar so that the hover tooltips show the question's status (complete, incorrect, correct, partial credit, error, or required) rather than the item number.

  • We have disabled the ability for "Assign Only" collaborators to access sharing for CA formatives and folders.

  • We have made it optional to show data from archived students on the view responses page to allow teachers a more robust view of class data.

  • We have restored the ability for teachers to toggle archived students on and off from the View Responses page.

  • We have improved the keyboard accessibility for dropdown menus; users can Tab to them, Space/Enter to open, arrow through the options, and Space/Enter to select options .

  • We've consolidated Sharing Functionality | Add Send a Copy to Overflow.

  • We have improved the time limit assign setting by ensuring that the timer does not continue if the assign setting is switched from Student- to Teacher-Paced mode.

  • We added a password score to the add students and reset password in the classes page

  • We will now allow students to zoom in on show your work entries even when the formative is in a read-only state.

  • We have updated the teacher preview to include the image zoom feature.

  • We will prevent passwords from containing user info or certain words. This will enhance site security for all users.

  • The Student Submission Banner has been updated to a green, longer design, in place of the former red one.

  • Teachers can now Cancel student invites to classes by selecting the user and choosing "remove invite". This is particularly helpful if teacher has entered incorrect user info.

  • We have updated Rubric UI so that Students will see a button link next to the feedback option in the Student action bar.

  • Spell check has been added to formative title and instructions.

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