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Formative Updates October 2022

All the amazing product updates we released this month!

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Enhancements released during October 2022

  • Drag & Drop questions can now be added to enhanced PDF/Image/Docs !

  • The new Home Page is here! Complete with quick tiles for Suggested Formatives and Classes. The tiles give an array of information about assignment status, Overall Performance, number of assigned formatives and a count of students.
    A 3-dot expansion menu was added directly to dashboard tiles! Teachers can now access links for variety of formative actions including changing assignment status, viewing responses, and sharing.

  • Who gave the last feedback? Now teachers will know because we will show Red icons when the last message is from the student, and Blue icons when the last message is from the teacher. This will help teachers see which conversations need attention.

  • We have also updated the look of student side chat with a friendly graphic!

  • We have added a status to show when a student has an INCOMPLETE question! The student bar will show a yellow flag for for questions that have no answer entered.

  • We have tweaked several features to make formatives more secure under Secure Browser mode, including:

    • Removing Image Tool from Show Your Work

    • Removing Image/Video/File Uploading from Free Response

    • Removing Image/ Video from Feedback Messaging

    Students will still be able to capture an image with their device's camera to upload directly into the Formative.

  • We continue to improve Students' Experience with keyboard accessibility updates making questions accessible through keyboard strokes. Recently, we've updated 8 question types for keyboard navigation!

  • We have enabled a student side notification when teacher force submits in the Teacher-Paced mode.

  • We have added the ability to unpublish a folder bundle from the library. Users will see the "Unpublish" option in the Share to Library modal

  • Student formatives will now 'jump' to first incomplete or required question when trying to submit.

  • We are now using user avatars in the chat notification pop-out.

  • When a student attempts to submit a formative with unread feedback messages, the confirm submission modal will now display a count of these unread messages to give awareness to the student.

  • We have added a Teacher Name and Teacher ID column to reports that are exported from View Responses. This will improve the precision when filters exports.

  • We will now show students who have been removed from a class in the class list with a Status of 'removed'. Multiple students can be removed and restored simultaneously on the class list.
    Teachers have the option to show or hide the removed students on their Classes page, as well as show or hide these students' responses on the Responses tab of formatives.

  • We continue to improve the site's accessibility by adding hover text, brief descriptions of images, to nearly 30 icons sitewide!

  • We have disabled the sharing modal's "Enter email address of Collaborator" input for Assign Only collaborators, this should improve the sharing workflow for users

  • We have enhanced the collaborator modal!! Excitedly, teachers can now type a partial email, then select from a list of matches!! Multiple emails can be added at once- this functionality will be available for both individual formatives and folders! This. Is. Awesome.

  • We have made the SYW portion of a question optional for a required questions. We will now display an incomplete indicator on the SYW card button, if SYW portion of a question is incomplete.

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