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Formative Updates September 2022

Summary of all the incredible product updates we released this month!

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Enhancements released during September 2022

  • Teacher Paced Assignments can now be posted to Google Classroom using the "Assign & Post to Google Classroom" button.

  • We have improved the teacher feedback by moving the "delayed" or "instant" feedback options into a dropdown! The old toggle is gone!

  • Screen space on smaller devices has been maximized by stacking functionalized content.

  • Updated folder sharing permissions: from now on only the owner (original creator) of a formative or folder can delete it. The delete option has been grayed out for the rest of the collaborators.

  • Students in organizations on the Gold plan are no longer able to delete their own accounts.

  • Matching questions have been redesigned to allow vertical, instead of horizontal matches, when displayed on mobile view to improve the overall experience.

  • New subjects have been added to the subjects list: English, Geography, and Greek.

  • Students will now see a floating banner to notify them to address required questions, rather than the old notification that was sent upon an attempt to submit.

  • Student view has also been altered to position the points display at the top right corner of the item.

  • Teachers can now see a results chart in the container for each question! As students answer in Teacher Paced mode, the graph in the top right corner will keep up! Teachers can also click to view student answers.

  • Another enhancement to students' experience is showing the actual total point tally, depending on the assignment's settings.

  • Feedback messages will appear instantly at the bottom of the screen! This feels much more like chatting, and teachers and students can click the messag to be taken to the message on the appropriate question.

  • We added the option in the Formative for Google Classroom Add-on for Silver and Gold subscribers to pass back either all grades or to select individual students. There is no longer a need to manually insert grades!

  • Two additional sorting features have been added to the Tracker! Teachers can now sort by Date Assigned: Most/Least Recent.

  • New elements of teacher-paced are live! Teachers now see "the lobby", which gives a live indication of when students have joined the assignment. Assigning to Guests in Teacher-Paced now includes a QR join code in addition to the student lobby! The mode is now complete with a floating teacher navigation bar, and literal bells and whistles to notify teachers and students of events!

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